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Haven't been posting since december gosh.. Life's not been very peaceful all along with many things happening recently. Lots of projects and stuffs now to handle too and its getting rather stressful. Add one more super damn fucking noisy mum who nags u everyday and it explains why i hate to be at home.

How i wish i wasn't born into this world and everything would have been so peaceful.. No heartbreaks, No noisy people to irritate u the whole day, No stress. How nice it sounds but it will never be a reality for me.

Exams period now and its just study and study crap.. Nothing much to blog abt these days and hopefully life would certainly improve after exams are over.. Looking forward to this friday (to those people who understand)
hopefully it would be a fun an eventful day..

Till here.

Why cant u just keep your damn mouth SHUT
It really irritates me everyday the way u talk
You just blabber and blabber like i'm in the wrong
And u think you are perfect?
Fuck off i'm serious.

1:48 AM;


Nothing much to tag about these few days cos its just the same routine everyday for me.. Its freaking boring man just going to school and coming back then use the computer read my textbooks here and there and sleep. The next day wake up and it is the same routine again.. How boring =(

Went to orchard yesterday with nick michelle tim and mel for dinner and a few games of pool. Mel wanted to go home early yesterday so we left at 8 plus i guess.. Went home and rushed thru projects again (as usual) and slept at 1.30am.

Gonna rush another project now again have to pass to my group members by today haiz.. God please give me a break! Hopefully can have at least a 1-2 weeks break which to me is totally out of the question cos the stupid managers at mdis dont even allow one day breaks. GOD DAMN IT.

Till now.

6:43 PM;


Arghz haven't been updating my blog for a very long time cos i was simply too bugged down by projects or shall i say that...............i was too lazy to blog? Lol.. Thanks mab for reminding me to update it :) These few days were pretty fun just like any other days cos of the wonderful classmates i have around me! You guys just never seem to fail to cheer me up.. Went to orchard very often recently as we always go there to pool and have dinner till very late..

My dad's always complaning that i never once come home early but heck i have my own house keys anyway.. Forget about it.. Went to watch eragon yesterday and it was nice! i loved the female dragon omg its simply gorgeous la! WOOO especially when it breathed out fire the scene was like WOW.. Lol.. Overall life's been peaceful except for those projects which i hate.. Still have to wear formal to school when the weather's like 30 degress? i will die of heat stroke i guess.. And i also went for wei kiong's bdae celebration today.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEI KIONG!!!! He's like my fren for the longest period of time i guess.. From sec one until now lol.. All the best in your studies man..

And and thanks mab for forgiving me :) Thanks alot man i really missed talking thrash with you =) TAKE CARES!! Alright its now 5am and i still have to go for a soccer camp tmr.. Hope its gonna be enjoyable.. CYA GUYS!!!

I'm glad its finally over
Really sorry for it
Hope we can be like this
forever and ever

5:16 AM;


For the past few days it wasn't exactly eventful but there were quite a few days where i went to interesting places that i've never went before and stuff.. Went to sakura on tim's bdae and silly me went for RICE for my 1st round! Damn.. And 2nd round i went for sushi which was rice again -.- But during the 3rd round i went for japanese squid and it was simple DELICIOUS!!

And we just sat there talking and laughing like nobody's business and it was really fun.. After that we went to mac and wanted to play pool but it was full house so we couldn't play =( So we just sat around talking and talking and after that it was time to go home. Mel's dad fetched us to the mrt station and i took a really LONG ride home all the way from pasir ris.. Gosh..

Yesterday went to have supper at CHOMP CHOMP and it was great! The food was simply sumptous and thanks to tim who paid for most of the food.. Anyway happy bdae mel! Happy 18th bdae =) After CHOMP CHOMP closed we went to the opposite prata shop to have a drink and talk.. Around 3.30 am i went home and plomped on my bed fast asleep and was waken up by nicholas call at around 12pm today.. Went out with ck and mab in the end and next we went to church cos mab had to go for her shu qi which started early today.. Exchanged lots of songs and movies with ck today and went home at around 9.. Was so tired i fell asleep on the sofa but woke up to the smell of PRAWN NOODLES!! YUMMY!! Stop drooling people.. haha..

Ok i'm going to city harvest church for the 1st time tmr and hope its gonna be really fun! Good night and god bless..

Sometimes its good to be truthful
Continue lying and you'll suffer
Be your true self and pls
Stop acting in front of us

6:06 AM;


Seems like there's someone intent on making trouble at my blog now.. Nothing to worry about though cos as you know some people just have so much free time to go tag nonsense at people's blog u know.. Those that ENJOY tagging so much that their pea brain isn't functioning correctly.. But we shld symphatise with them la haiz so poor thing come here tag one time kana jacked like nobody's business.. POOR BOY CHEER UP..

Your skin is quite thick too aint it.. After getting really jacked like some cock u still have the cheek to continue tagging? wow i really salute u man dude u rock!! And please get a life =D If tagging nonense on people's blogs REALLY satisfy your innermost desires and fantasies i understand cos you were deprived of a happy childhood.. But you shld know your limits get it mama's boy?

Yeah hope the next time u visit my blog hope u read this and the message gets to your head.. And calling me names like banana or others wont affect me at all for your info dumbass.. So please wake up your idea and GROW UP like any normal child.. Haiz kids nowadays..

11:57 PM;


Arghz woke up to witness a rainy monday today and it just makes me more gloomy.. But its okay cos i have no school today! Yesterday was fun as the QCMC guys did very well in our comeback victory! We were down 2-0 in the 1st and 2nd quarter but when the 2rd quarter started, we changed formation and it worked really well for us =D The entire team was more compact and it was indeed great team play and effort.. Really hope the upcoming soccer camp will bond us much more together and improve us!

Went back to church after that and spent our team talking thrash? yeah.. but no matter what its always fun to bein church.. Mab and geri came after that to my surprise as i thought they went back home already haha.. Went home after that and i went to watch the MAN U vs CHELSEA match and it was a superb match! Haiz but the stupid defender of chelsea had to go and score an equaliser.. CRAP! Anyways gotta start studying for basic econs the exam is coming! Cya guys..

How i wish i could just be with you for eternity
But it seems there's not a single possibility
How am i going to live with it
It hurts me so deeply i just cant sleep

2:24 PM;


Haven't blogged for the past 2 days so here i am back blogging =D The BBQ was fun! Thanks to mel,ck,pei ling,elton,my bro,jolene,mab the mad psychotic duck,enshao,geraldine,ervine for coming and hope u all enjoyed it!

Mab's been staying over at jolene's house for the past 2 days and for the past few days it has been fun playing all sort of games and sharing our experiences among our clique.. We had fun dunking and throwing mab into the pool and guess what! 3 PEOPLE cant push me into the pool!!! Wahahahah.... Pillar of strength u can call me :) Thanks to jolene for continuously bbq-ing the bread with butter for us it was nice! Although the chicken was like .... erm ..... not that tasty everyone had fun and raw sausage is indeed not bad!

The only thing that spoiled my day was that the stupid NAKAMURA scored against MAN U.. Damn that stupid long haired japanese.. Just came up after chatting with mab and jolene and we seriously had alot of funny moments and i conclude that i was born into this earth as a JOKER.. i mean not as a joke for others to play with but to say things to humour pple yeah.. Thank you god!

Okay gotta present tmr so havta chiong my project now! Cya guys! =D

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